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What We Believe

The 21st century presents humanity with a stark choice - If we don’t end capitalism, capitalism will end us.

Our society is dominated and controlled by a small coterie of billionaires who wield power by controlling the world’s wealth and resources, thereby creating an ever increasing wealth gap and driving us towards environmental catastrophe.

The system gives us the illusion of influence via parliamentary elections every few years. But those elections change nothing fundamental. To build meaningful change, we can only rely on ourselves and our ability to unite in communities of solidarity based on self-organisation, autonomy and direct action.

Our desire is to replace capitalism with a society organised along very different lines. We want to build self-organised communities based on participatory democracy, and co-ordinated through a horizontally organised free federation based on solidarity and mutual aid. We seek to develop democratically run and managed workplaces and economy, and sustainable production and consumption - based on need not profits or greed.

This magazine aims to contribute to the discussion, development and strengthening of anarchist ideas, to provide a space to analyse and learn from one another’s struggles and to contribute to empowering the working class to forge a new society based on our common interests.

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